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Meet Head coach Jane.

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If you started to invest in your running journey TODAY, just think where you could be in a year. Because if you’re going to do the hard work, you might as well do it right…RIGHT?! And if you’re willing to commit to the long game, I truly believe that in five years you’ll be amazed at who you’ve become. 

woman running the boston marathon with hands up
  • Denver Central Park 5k 2021 21:38 (6:59/mile)
  • Pumpkin Pie 10k 2021 45:20 (7:19/mile)
  • Hot Chocolate 15k 2021 1:08:48 (7:23/mile)
  • Longview Half Marathon 2020 1:41:55 (7:47/mile)
  • Boston Marathon 2023 3:29:00 (7:58/mile)

My Running Journey:

How I Got Here

In my mid-20s I ran two marathons that didn’t go well (terrible experiences if I’m being honest) and after that I took a 10-year hiatus from the distance as I focused on starting a family.

It was the chance to run a marathon with my husband that brought me back to the distance in 2017. For that marathon training cycle, I actually learned how to train properly which led to an amazing experience running the Twin Cities Marathon.

After that, I realized that maybe, just maybe, qualifying for Boston was within my reach. It took one failed attempt, a BQ that led to a cancelled 2020 Boston Marathon, a big disappointment and finally another BQ in 2021 before I was able to make that dream a reality.

With my family cheering me on, I crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 18, 2022.

Going sub 3:30 became the next big goal and after two misses, I achieved that at the 2023 Boston Marathon. Even as a mom of 3 with over 20 years of running experience, and a few years into my 40s, I’m still setting PRs…and you can, too! 


127th Boston Marathon, April 2023

I couldn’t run more than 7 miles without walking. Within 3 months of training, I was ready to run my first marathon. Jane is fun, driven and deeply empathetic. I can’t wait to start my next training cycle with her.

– Eloïne B.

Meet Coach Remy.

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Running can seem intimidating. My goal is to lower the barrier of entry and make things more approachable in this sport. I’m here to help you adjust and adapt so you can achieve your goals and those not yet imagined.

Remy running in a triathlon
  • Cohasset Sprint Triathlon 2022 1:23:59 Triathlon
  • Run to Remember Half Marathon 20218 1:46:40
  • Mesa Marathon Phoenix 2019 3:57:48
  • 50k Backyard Ultra Marathon 2020 5:58:23
  • COVAC Cycling Century 2021 6:08:52

My Running Journey:

How I Got Here


As far as I was concerned, playing high school football and baseball was the peak of my athletic career. While I did play some intramural sports and joined a few “beer leagues,” my focus was academics and career advancement. That began to change in 2015. A health scare gave me the jolt to get back in the gym and lace up my running shoes.

On a dare, I signed up for my first half marathon the following year. It was nasty, windy, cold and rainy – and I loved every single mile of it. One thing led to another and the following year, I found myself at the starting line of the 2017 Chicago Marathon!

I was officially hooked and curious to discover what else I was capable of. So I got on the bike, I ran further, I LEARNED TO SWIM and continue to find new athletic peaks beyond what I ever thought was possible.

Turns out, you don’t have to be a 5 star recruit to go on to have a positive long term relationship with running or any sport!

Remy ringing the PR Bell

Ready to reach your potential as a runner?

Working with a dedicated running coach will help you avoid injury, make progress, and uncover what’s truly possible for you as a runner. Whether you have a distance or target time in mind, or just want to find out what you’re capable of, we’d love to support you along the way.

Virtual Coaching

1:1 run coaching combined with a completely tailored training plan based on your current level of fitness and personal running goals that I customize to fit into your lifestyle.

Training Plans

Get one-time help preparing for your “A race” with a custom tailored running plan based on your current level of fitness and personal running goals.

Coaching Call

Perfect for athletes who like to train independently, but are looking for answers to specific training questions, fueling advice, race-day strategy and more.

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